My “To The Moon with Google”

As I scrolled through my tweets earlier this week I saw a post by Doug Pete (Thanks Aviva!). He shared an inspiring clip To the Moon with Google. Of course it didn’t stop there, the post came with a challenge to share our story. I have had so many great moments and love to share stories but this is a story I often keep to myself.

When I was a little girl I told my parents I wanted to be a teacher. They tell me I never changed my mind after that day in grade 1.

I remember playing school with my brother, standing in front of the class. After playing school for many years the real job began.

There were…

  • the stickers
  • the garage sales
  • the accidents (primary teachers know what I’m talking about)
  • the emergency snacks
  • hours searching for just the right book or the perfect clip
  • professional reading stacks
  • the pep talks
  • constructive feedback
  • the “aha moment’ smiles and confidence
  • cherished relationships
  • daily learning opportunities

Then one day, on the last day of the AQ course, she came to me and said “You made me a better teacher“. I have to admit I was fighting back the tears.

I don’t think that six year old girl ever planned for that moment. A moment where the dream of being a teacher became inspiring teachers. Till the day I retire, even if it was just for that one person that one day, it will remain my “To the Moon” story.

When I was a little girl I told my parents I wanted to be a teacher.

3 Replies to “My “To The Moon with Google””

  1. Tina, this is a beautiful story! I got all choked up as well. I’m glad that you chose to share it here. As teachers, we all love to hear that we made a difference … and I’m so happy to know that you got to hear these words!


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