Mobile and Ubiquitous

Tonight is the final night of my MEd course this semester. We have been exploring mobile and ubiquitous computing for two months which has been a fascinating topic that has boggled my mind from wearable technology to robots to cyborg men and surveillance.
Over this time my nephews and I returned to Bell Lightbox digiplayspace. I absolutely love this exhibit and was hoping and praying my nephews didn’t think they were too cool. Luckily they jumped at the possibility to attend. There were led walls that reacted to water, robots made of digital cubes that snapped together and a bike riding oculus rift (new word for me) paper boy game.


Being immersed in technology day in and out I often forget how amazing it can be. The digi playspace is my yearly reminder of what can be, that technology does not need to come in a box and can appear seamless at times.
Last week in the course we watched the following Ted talk:

If you want to be wowed by technology, watch a robot in a music jamming session. As I watched the clip though I realized the most amazing part of the technology is not the technology but the process.
The spark of an amazing (maybe outrageous) idea, going with it, searching out learning, connecting with colleagues, testing, trying, playing.
What a gift for our learners in an ever changing world full of mobile and ubiquitous computing.

Even if I give that gift to just one child, how amazing!


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