The Coll-APP-orative: Connecting and Collaborating Through Apps

Earlier this fall I was asked if I would to participate in a blog hop 
where a few of us would blog about our favourite apps. 
How could I resist working with such a wonderful group! 
Below I have shared one of my favourite open ended apps for early learners:Soundbrush. 
You can then continue the blog hop by following the links below the post.

Soundbrush: Painting A Song

Click on the image to download from app store.

Click on the image to download from app store.

I was in search of an open ended app where even our earliest learners could explore and create.

Enter Soundbrush.

Although it’s first edition was a paid app, the current update can be installed for free with in app purchases.

It’s quite simple really. You choose  your instrument from the top left toolbar and use your finger to paint your music on the screen.  Play your music back by using the controls in the middle top toolbar.

Are you proud of your creation? You can share your musical creation by emailing the sound file or uploading it to their site and sharing the link.

An overview

Click on the circles in the top left to add more instruments. The app gives you a set of 4 instruments for free if you tweet out your support. Additional sets can be purchased including a rock pack, jazz pack, orchestral pack and synth pad pack. You choose the colour for each instrument. If you want to channel your inner DJ/musician tap on the synthesizer or wrench to further edit the sound.


So much is possible with the app as you can see in the company’s overview. Your creativity is really the limit! What I love about the soundbrush app is that there is little to no instruction required. Place the iPad in front of the learner and they can begin exploring, interpreting our world in new ways.

The app pulls our young and curious learners into exploring the possibilities, playing with sound and how various sounds interact.

If you like the soundbrush app you may want to explore Musyc or Garageband as well.

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