A Thank You to My Teachers

This Friday afternoon I was procrastinating like I usually do and stumbled upon an awesome series on Soulpancake’s Youtube Channel called The Science of Happiness. Whether in education or not, it’s easy to get bogged down in the negative in the world.

The first episode I saw, An Experiment in Gratitude, challenged me to reflect on what and who I am grateful for. As I’m inspired by educators I work with each day, I am reminded of the many lessons I learned from the wonderful educators who taught me. I wish I was better with names (I can describe the picture in my head) but since I can’t tell most of them personally how grateful I am I’ve shared my thanks below.

Here it goes!

  • Thank you to my grade 2 teacher in Germany who took the time after hours when I first arrived to sit and try to teach a Canadian kid German words. It took a few months but the hard work paid off. You modeled a growth mindset and reminded me to never give up on a child.
  • Thank you to my middle school teacher in Italy who took the time to come check up on me in High School. While drowning in Latin classes (hard to translate from one language you don’t know to another you haven’t quite mastered) it made all the difference to see a friendly face. You are a constant reminder to take the time to connect with learners.
  • Thank you to my grade 13 English teacher who let me tell him there was no way I would make it through a book since I had already fallen asleep 5 times. I was naive at the time and didn’t quite know that isn’t want you do! You listened to my opinion and taught me the value of listening.
  • Thank you to the great administrators I have learned under and with. You always pushed me past my comfort zone to opportunities and roles I never would have imagined. You taught me the power of a push at just the right time.

There are many more I could thank but there just isn’t enough time. I may have been luckier than most to have such wonderful educators over the last 30 years of schooling. I don’t know if they did play based learning, genius hour or used non traditional texts but I do know they all demonstrated CARE in their work and the learners they were entrusted with.

If I do nothing else, I hope that is the legacy I leave for the learners I interact with each day.

Ok, off to write more letters of gratitude. Who are you grateful for?


4 thoughts on “A Thank You to My Teachers

  1. I agree with you that it is important to feel gratitude for the good things, and to look for reasons to feel grateful for the not so good. I think every person, experience, event has something to teach us, or we have something to teach others. I am grateful to call you a friend and colleague and you have taught me WAY more than I ever taught you!! Thank YOU, Tina Zita!!

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