Reminders for a New School Year

It was so much easier to admit to a problem then making resolutions. Balance has never been my strength (I think it is listed as an area of improvement in every work appraisal since I was 16). But on the eve of a new school year I’ve written myself reminders in hopes of finding better balance. They may seem silly to some but I am hoping if I put them in print someone will hold me accountable.

1. Do not forget to eat.

I find in the busyness the first thing that goes for me is eating. Much easier to count a can of coke as a meal or crackers and cheese as dinner. As I get older, my body seems to be revolting on me. I may actually have to bring some veggies in to my diet.

2. Get outside!

I find it hard to shut off. The list of things to do, emails to answer, new ideas or things I missed seem to loop. There are only a few places where I feel everything stops. Something about an upbeat playlist and the lake or walking my brothers 75 pound energetic dog that makes my brain stop.

3. DO NOT, I repeat do not check emails or tweets in the car.

I know this is the law and all but it’s oh so tempting when you are stuck in city traffic to look down and hit the refresh button. I have to remember it can wait. Nothing is that important!

3. Read something not required.

I love to read, or I should say I used to love to read before my M.Ed. While most of the assigned readings are insightful, they are also dense and challenging (Curriculum Foundations comes to mind). I need to remember to read something I want to read that ideally is longer than a picture book.

4. Learn something new (not work related).

I have said for years I would learn how to take a better photograph or do a 5K (downloaded the app in the spring). I guess this is the year.

5. Take a tech Shabbat

I was reading about the concept in Fast Company’s 8 Ways to Bring Sanity to Your Crazy Weird Life. Now I don’t know if I can make it a whole 24 hours at this point but I can start with a morning a week without going straight to my device to check in.

6. List 2 positives before a negative.

After every workshop or session I often go straight to what to fix for next time. This year I will make a conscious effort to list at least 2 things that went well before listing next steps.

7. Listen closer & Remember Names

I love connecting with people but sometimes in the busyness I feel I haven’t been as attentive in my listening. That to do list pops up again and I find myself listening for how I can help and not just listening to listen. This summer I have been reminded of how powerful it can be when someone knows your name and shows a sincere interest. Always an area for improvement.

8. Play more

Maybe it is the first child syndrome but I always feel guilty when I play. As the year goes on I need to remember that it is ok to not have to play, inquire and explore. Hanging out with 4 year olds and trying out new apps is always enlightening.

So what do you need to remember this school year?


4 thoughts on “Reminders for a New School Year

  1. Great post Tina! Many of the things you list should be on my list too. I think I would also have to add ‘book a nice vacation’ to the list.

  2. Oh, I love this. Well said!
    A few ideas that might help:

    Re: #1 I have worked out a way to eat good stuff, quick: cut veggies on Sunday night. Carrots, cauliflower, green or wax beans, broccoli, snap peas all work well because you can cut ’em ahead of time, last for days! Just store in large bag, bring dip.

    #5 We have a “screen free day” weekly in our house. It was relaxed over the summer but starts again next week. We play games, go for walks, or just do nothing. Kinda wonderful.

    #8 May I suggest you come and visit Kindergarten? We have play experts on hand, genius-bar style. You just find someone who speaks to your interests. Door’s open!

    • Cool idea with the screen free day!Love cooking but it’s no fun just for me.

      The veggies sound easy enough. I have to admit my body may go into shock eating that many veggies.

      This year we will definitely have to book a visit!

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