My First Post: BYOD, An Old Fashioned Idea

So this blog has been five or six years in the making. I keep making excuses to myself why I can’t, shouldn’t, won’t and finding other work to occupy my time. Last week I wrote an entry for a newsletter that I had been contemplating for a long time as my first blog post. I realized this weekend that it just seemed silly since it was written and everything. So here it is. I’m jumping off the cliff. Hope I can swim!

My Old Tool Belt

About a year ago I was at my Great Uncle’s funeral. It was a celebration of his long and happy life and there in the front of the room sat his much used tool belt. I wasn’t surprised to see it there. He was a carpenter his whole life. I think Sir Ken Robinson would say he had found his element in building and creating. Observing the tool belt from the back of the room it didn’t look the greatest: dirty with sawdust, paint splattered tools, some of which from decades past, but you could tell it was well used.

It was then that I was struck by the fact that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) isn’t really a new concept. My uncle brought his own tools (devices) to work every day.  And it’s not just carpenters: The musician with their favourite guitar, the builder with their hammer or the artist with their set of water colours. They all used THEIR tools to create. I am sure they could borrow tools but why would they? Their tool felt right. They understood the ins and outs of their tool. It allowed them to get straight to creating.

It made me reflect on how I use my digital tools. My device tells me where I’m going in the morning, keeps all my notes organized but better yet allows me to better communicate and connect with my many colleagues. My laptop and tablet really have become my version of a tool belt. The more I understand my tools the easier it is for me to communicate and create in all the areas I am passionate about.

I don’t know if it is just me but it is exciting to think of the possibilities when students see their devices as not just consumption tools but a tool that allows them to communicate, create and collaborate. I can’t wait to see what they will CREATE!